8 Reasons Smart Blinds Might Just be the Future in ALL Houses

Serena Shades by Lutron are the world’s leading manufacturer for smart blinds, and we can see why! At quality, luxurious yet reasonably prices, you’ll be impressed.


It’s no secret that technology is advancing every day, and Lutron is not afraid to move with it. In 1993 when these shades were invented, to the present, you will be impressed on how just plain old blinds could be changed into a technology advancement so smart, it will change the industry for good. Here are 8 ways Lutron shades will blow you away:


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1). Natural Light optimization

Natural Light is very important in a person’s everyday life. Study’s show It aids with being healthier, calmer, more productive and overall more happy. At the same time, natural light helps your home by saving power with less use of artificial light, and depending on your situation can save money on air conditioning and heating.


Serena Smart shade does just that, but fully automated… this means you will not even have to think about it!


Crazy right? Using smart systems Serena blinds will always put the right amount of natural light in your home. The shades automatically adjust as the sun rotates around your house, preventing sharp glare and heat from direct sunlight.




2). Hard to reach windows

High windows and even skylights can be a REAL pain when it comes to any blinds. Forget the rods and long dangling pulleys that just don’t look aesthetically pleasing at all. Plus if you have beautiful high windows or skylights you know the pain of either not having blinds all together or blinds that are just simply annoying. When it comes to automated blinds It is as simple as grabbing your Lutron remote, looking up, and watching your blinds slowly cover your window. How easy is that! You can even use commands like “Hey google, lower the blind ½ way down the window”, you don’t even have to get up!



3). Temperature Sensing

Temperature sensing, really? But you know your blind can help cool your house down a tremendous amount, right?. Only thing is people are very busy and sometimes we may forget to check everything because that is just unrealistic. The last thing you want is to go into your bedroom and realize it is way too hot to go to sleep because the sun has been beating down into it all day long. With the temperature sensing The lutron system has the blinds sense the temperature in the room and adjust accordingly, even when you’re not there. This way you will always have the rooms in your house at perfect temperatures.



4). Industry leading battery operation system

Normally, I would say stick away from non rechargeable batteries, but this is just not the case. It is such a clean and professional look with no wires going anywhere from your windows. Although Lutron does make a plug in compatible version the batteries are just so easy to use and install, and wow does it ever look appealing! The batteries last an astonishing 3-5 years!Yeah, you heard that right. That way you do not have to worry about changing them all the time.



5). Powered anywhere in the world

Privacy is a big part of owning a house. Imagine you leaving for an early morning plane in a rush. Out the door you feel like you forgot something, and you did! Your blinds are still up! Now Lutron has your back. With their app you are able to quickly and easily adjust your blinds and your blind schedule from anywhere in the world. This is very, very useful for traveling, vacation rentals, cabins and away from home encounters.



6). Reduce direct amount of direct sunlight with woodshades

Sunlight can do a surprising amount of damage to floors, paint, furniture, and paintings. With the Serena wood shades the smart feature angles the wood in such a way that propels the sunlights direct beams away from the important levels in your home and towards the roof instead. This can make a huge difference in the quality the inside of your home will stay in. It also helps yourself inside the home, never getting a direct eyeful of the sun. It is a lot less straining and healthier on your eyes.



7). Customize schedules

And of course Lutron is all about automation. You are able to 100% schedule your blinds timing freely if you would like, or choose one of their many presets. This means you can have the blinds go down for dinner time, close half way for 7:00 when it’s time to watch TV and even time it with your alarm to wake up to natural light instead of the loud buzzing of your alarm clock. This customization makes it very broad with the 1000’s of settings you can automate.



8). Ease of use

Lutron is all about being user friendly. From the setup right to the use of the product Lutron did just that. Using your blinds can be as easy as talking out loud to your “Alexa” or hitting a button on your mobile device. With the lutron automated blind system you will be pleasantly surprised on how smooth and professional the app works and feels. Don’t have your phone on you? The lutron blinds come with a remote to control them from. It is as simple as hitting a button!

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