Who is Sun City Automation?

Who really is Sun City Automation you might be wondering. We are a local Kelowna company wanting to provide the most quality and efficient service for smart homes and electrical service in town  Did you know Smart Homes and automation have an expected growth of over 41% in just the next 5 years? The reason is – it just makes sense. Easy, affordable, efficient and can always be scaled depending on your changing needs. 

Just like you we value hard, efficient work that gets done once, right and fast! We admire our customers and ensure our crew will impress you.

We Value Efficiency

At Sun City Automation we cherish change and how our world is evolving, that’s why we have developed into something more than just any old electrical company. Our integration with the top home automation suppliers like Lutron Ra2, Homeworks, Sonos and many more help customers make easy decisions when it comes to home automation. So why not pick a business that can do what we do best…automation?

You're The One That Matters

We strive to work with our customers because you are the one that matters! Whatever you can possibly envision, we can make it happen. We will give you the absolute perfect result you are looking for. Planned out with precision, your wants with our expert opinions you will be impressed!

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